Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is TP Smart Dialer?

TP Smart Dialer is a mobile dialer for service providers operating in blocked areas. Available in Android and iOS platforms, the mobile dialer works in all networks. Hence, service providers get rid of everyday dialer blockage issues. The dialer consumes only 8kbps bandwidth which makes it ideal for low bandwidth areas. 

Who can use TP Smart Dialer?

TP Smart Dialer is a mobile VoIP dialer developed for VoIP Service providers who work behind firewalls. If you are into VoIP business, you can take a free demo of this mobie dialer. 

I want to run my VoIP business in three different countries, will this dialer work?

Yes, TP Smart Dialer will work in all countries. If you have TP Smart Dialer, you need not buy different dialers for different locations where you have your VoIP business. 

What is the price of TP Smart Dialer?

In order to know the price of TP Smart Dialer, please email to 

Do you provide minutes in your dialer?

No, we do not provide minutes. However, we can recommend you some route providers from where you can purchase minutes.  


Where do I get Balance?

TP Smart Dialer is only offered to service providers who are into VoIP business. If you are an end customer, please contact your service provider to get your account recharged.  

How Can I start my business with TP Smart

In order to start a VoIP business with TP Smart Dialer, you will require a Softswitch and routes. If you are already into the business, you can shift to TP Smart Dialer and run your VoIP business smoothly without any dialer blockage issues.
However, if you are new into the VoIP business, you can contact us at We will provide you complete assistance.  

What profit will I get if I will promote your Dialer?

In order to know the profit margin, please contact us at  

Do you provide switch?

No, we do not provide any softswitch. However, our Dialer works with all standard SIP Softswitch.

Does your dialer work in free net /social data?

TP Smart works with all social data packs.  

What is TP Optimizer?

TP Optimizer is a software application that helps in low bandwidth consumption. The new VoIP bandwidth optimization software penetrates firewalls allowing VoIP calls. Hence, termination providers can operate their business in SIP blocked areas.

I don't have static IP, so can I use TP Optimizer?

Yes, for using TP Optimizer, no static IP is required.

Who can use TP Optimizer?

TP Optimizer is targeted towards entrepreneurs willing to start or are running voice termination business presently.

Which SIP Softswitch is required to work with TP Optimizer?

TP Optimizer can work with any standard SIP Softswitch.

How many minimum ports are required for the demo?

Minimum 8 ports are required for the demo.

Are you providing server along with TP Optimizer?

No, we are not providing any server. You must provide your server configuration to us after which we will perform the installation process.

What type of technical support are you offering?

We provide round the clock support to our clients via e-mail, chat and phone. You can mail us at or call at +1-407-926-0383 in case of any technical glitch. We provide free support for 1 year after which an annual maintenance contract is required to be signed for further assistance.

Are you providing Softswitch? If not which Softswitch can I use with TP Optimizer to start my termination business?

No, we are not providing any Softswitch to our customers. However, using our application switching features, all basic functionalities of a wholesale softswitch can be taken care of. It provides option for consolidating traffic, dial plan manipulation, routing features etc. Our TP Optimizer is compatible with all standard SIP Softswitch such as Asterisk, VoipSwitch, iTel Switch Plus, Nexge, Porta etc.

How TP Optimizer reduces bandwidth consumption?

A SIP call with G.729 codec consumes 30 Kbps, compared to a call passing through TP Optimizer consuming 9.6 kbps only.

What is the price of TP Optimizer?

The exact price will depend upon the number of ports. For more detail about our pricing packages, please contact sales at

Does TP Optimizer works with any type of internet connection?

Yes, TP Optimizer has been designed to work with any type of ADSL and Wi-Fi connections (private or public IP, static or DHCP), Wi-Max modems, EDGE/3G/4G/LTE.