TP Optimizer

The bandwidth reducing expert.

The VoIP termination service providers are faced with constant challenges due to high bandwidth consumption and SIP blockage. Hence, TelePacket has launched a VPN solution, named ‘TP Optimizer’ offering a hassle-free service. The VoIP bandwidth optimization software enhances the overhead of media packet using TelePacket’s proprietary protocol and reduces bandwidth consumption by upto 5 times compared to a normal VoIP call. Therefore, a service provider can save a huge amount of bandwidth cost using this VoIP bandwidth saver

TP Optimizer releives you from SIP blockage issues, as the  VPN solution can terminate calls through SIP blocked areas leading to better business operations. The new VoIP bandwidth optimization software, ‘TP Optimizer’ will lead to more profitable and scalable Voice/ IP termination business. 

A Typcial Network Diagram of VoIP Termination


Types of TP Optimizer

Features of TP Optimizer

Excellent Tunneling:

  • Telepacket specializes in tunneling technology hence TPO bypasses all types of blockages.


Efficient Bandwidth Optimization:

  • Our Proprietary technology allows you to save bandwidth over 70% without having any effect on voice quality.
  • Enhances the voice quality providing superior customer experience, better ACD & ASR


Ease of Network: 

  • No static IP required & works behind NAT
  • Works with Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 3G internet
  • Works with any standard USB Dongle
  • Multiple ISP support to improve ACD & total call capacity


Protocol & Codec Compatibility:

  • Compatible with all standard SIP Softswitch like VOS, VoipSwitch, iTel Switch Plus, Asterisk, etc
  • Works with all standard GSM Gateways like Goip, Dinstar, Addpac, Teles, etc
  • Supports all Audio Codecs in passthrough mode i.e. G729, G711,G723, AMR, Speex, etc
  • Supports Transcoding between G711 & G729 to improve bandwidth optimization


Limited Switch Features:

  • Without investing in Softswitch TP Optimizer allows user to connect multiple Gateways at different locations and aggregate traffic from multiple vendors
  • Route Retry option among different Gateways to improve ASR
  • Whitelist & Blacklist of originating as well as terminating numbers option available to avoid SIM detection
  • Dial Plan Manipulation
  • Comprehensive portal to check the performance of the system with invoicing option


Auto Recharge Module:

  • Top-Up & Auto Recharge Module allows user to recharge their SIMS, both manually as well as automatically