Why Should You Get Rid of Network Blockage in VoIP Business

VoIP business is all about providing internet telephony service for long distance calls worldwide. However, the network range often gets clogged due to the interference of the telecommunication services who do not permit VoIP calls from their areas. The primary reason for this network blockage is that these national telecommunication service providers want people to use their service instead of lesser expensive internet telephony service.

Let’s review some of the major consequences of a network blockage in VoIP business:-

Mobile Dialer Blockage:

Most of the people in Middle East countries like Oman, Qatar, UAE and Ghana widely use VoIP calls in order to cut down the huge international calling charges. So, ultimately VoIP service providers face dialer blockage issues in these areas. This can be a reason behind the huge customer shortage for VoIP service providers of those regions.

Bandwidth Ingestion:

When it comes to network blockage recovery, it takes a huge bandwidth consumption while sending voice networks as data packets. Aiming at the bandwidth calculation and capacity planning while sending voice networks as data packets are must to achieve a clear voice quality. Eventually, bandwidth becomes higher in some areas due to network blockage causing a higher cost.

Reducing Quality of Call:

Unfortunately, network blockage causes a huge breakdown of the call quality. The declined voice quality becomes a major problem for your customers while making international calls. Thus, you fail to keep your customer base connected to your service. In the long run, all you need is to provide a superior quality calling experience to earn your clients’ trust.

Well, you can definitely overcome this network blockage situation by using secure firewalls that remove network blockage and provides access to high-quality internet calling. You can choose an advanced tunneling technology as well to bypass all the network blockages.