VoIP: A rapid communication technology for business and individuals


VoIP or Voice over internet protocol has grown as an advanced way of communication for both business and individuals. VoIP technology has emerged as a new age communication platform for SMEs and end users who have migrated abroad for better job opportunities. However, due to high traditional calling rates, these migrators look for cheaper ways of communication. VoIP being the cheapest internet calling platform, helps these immigrants to connect with their families.

Furthermore, it’s no secret how small and medium business enterprises are utilizing VoIP as a corporate communication tool. Although, business communication mostly involves email, instant messaging, corporate social networks, networks and other voice communications but voice communication is an integral part of an organization.

Here are some crucial reasons behind the increasing popularity of VoIP technology.

Low cost calling rates:

One of the prime reason behind the rising popularity of VoIP communication is the convenient calling rates. Where conventional phone calls will cost your VoIP calling through internet comes with a much lower rate.

The benefit of using both Voice & Data:

Another advantage of using VoIP is that business organization can use the internet to transfer both voice and data without the requirement of a conservative phone line. Moreover, long-distance business related calls in multiple locations become economical with the help of VoIP.

Voice Quality:

A fast internet connection can ensure clear sound quality during a VoIP call. Gone are the days when VoIP calls included delays and disturbances. With improved technology, now VoIP calls can go neck-to-neck with GSM calls.

Increasing Productivity:

VoIP communication brings internet calling into the digital era through smart features like video conferencing, visual voicemail, instant messaging, call through facility etc. Now executives can handle business communication from anywhere without any hassle. Thus, VoIP eventually grows productivity among users and allows effective use of resources.

VoIP technology has developed a lot in these years and there is more scope for improvements in the future.