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What is a Mobile Dialer?

A mobile dialer signifies a software application which can be used to initiate internet calls via 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks. This VoIP dialer permits users to make calls through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. The mobile dialer or VoIP dialer can be installed on a mobile handset and it runs on multiple operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. VoIP service providers use mobile dialer software to offer cheap calling services to their customers.

How to expand your VoIP business with the best mobile dialer software:

Choosing a mobile dialer that is ideal for your VoIP business is the primary concern for a service provider. Hence, first of all, you need to get a mobile dialer, which is compatible with different operating systems, ensures crystal clear voice quality and runs well on all networks.

Voice Quality:

Crystal clear voice quality is another major factor while choosing a perfect mobile dialer for VoIP business. Firstly, you need to ensure that the dialer you are selecting provides a buffer and jitter-free sound quality. Most service providers after choosing a VoIP dialer complains regarding voice issues. Voice quality is highly important as you may lose your customers if there is a disturbance during calls.

Multi-platform Support:

As a service provider, you should always pick out a mobile dialer for VoIP business that is available on multiple platforms such as Android and iOS in order to reach a broader audience. These two operating system comprises a majority of smartphone users, so your mobile dialer software should run on both these platforms. If your dialer don’t support either of the platforms then you will lose a sizeable section of customers.

Easy Interface:

It is always wise to keep the user interface less complicated and easy to operate. Subsequently, all the functions of the application should be simple to run and navigate. Furthermore, you can get your dialer customized according to the preferences of your customers. Most of your users may not be tech savvy so a complicated interface may discourage them to use your mobile VoIP application. Better to take feedback from some users and talk to your software provider to make required customization.

Customer Assistance:

Keeping the convenience of your customers in mind, choose a software provider with an active customer support team to resolve technical issues. Even if you have purchased an advance mobile dialer to boost your business, make sure the software provider provides distinctive support via call, chat, and support through the application as well. A good technical support will enhance your brand image and reduce customer complains. So, there are chances that you gain more customers via word of mouth.

Multi- Softswitch Compatibility:

A mobile dialer which is compatible with multiple Softswitch can be beneficial because you need not invest a great deal of money and time to discover the most suitable Softswitch for your dialer. For example, if you purchase a mobile dialer software, which is not compatible with your present Softswitch then you have to purchase another softswitch which may incur you huge cost. To avoid this situation, you should check with your VoIP provider, the compatibility issues.

Importance of a Customized Mobile Dialer

A customized mobile dialer has utmost importance when it comes to promoting your own brand name, logo and an interface according to your business purpose. Apart from that, you can also get your desired functions designed in your mobile application through customization service. Whether its payment gateways, auto pin generation, recharge card integration or app analytics, you can simply get these services tailor-made accordingly in a customized mobile dialer.

TP Smart Dialer is an ideal choice for VoIP service providers, who want to offer quality calling services to their customers. So if you are a VoIP service provider looking for a branded mobile dialer, you can take a free demo of TP Smart Dialer. The mobile application is available for both Android & iOS operating systems.

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