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Platinum Dialer

A platinum dialer is a completely customized solution that permits you to operate your business with your own brand name. As a service provider, you can get your proposed brand name, logo, dialer interface and design tailored made in a platinum dialer. Further, this platinum mobile dialer lets you build a market reputation for your VoIP business.

Advantages of a Platinum Dialer:

A platinum dialer comes with certain benefits which are undoubtedly significant for a VoIP service provider to make a smart business move.

White Label Branding:

You can take the assistance of a complete white label branding of your mobile dialer according to your preferences. We deliver you a branded icon of your choice in order to uphold your VoIP business to an advanced level. Moreover, we provide you the opportunity to build a market reputation through your own brand name.

Availability on multiple app stores:

A platinum dialer allows you to enrol your brand name in Google Play Store, and iTunes. The presence of your own branded dialer on various app stores makes it stress-free for you to get your application downloaded by a huge number of people worldwide.

Global Customer Reach:

One of the most important advantages of a platinum dialer is that it gives you the option to create your own brand name. The best way to get your brand name recognized is by getting a customized dialer which has got the white label branding tag. With your own brand name it will be easier to create a larger customer base.

Business Expansion:

If you are a VoIP business provider and want your business to be expanded further then getting a Platinum dialer is the key. Your own brand name plays a significant role when it comes to upgrading your VoIP business to the next level.

Non requirement of operator code:

The platinum dialer always comes with an inbuilt operator code. Hence, your end users do not need a separate operate code to run the application. With the help of a platinum dialer, end users can easily login and make calls via a mobile dialer.

All you need is a platinum dialer in order to take your VoIP business to the next level.

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