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Choosing the Best Mobile VoIP Dialer for your Business

Better Call Quality

Multi-platform Support

Low bandwidth Consumption

All Network Compatibility

Multi- Softswitch Compatibility

Better Customization

What is a VoIP dialer?

A VoIP dialer is a mobile application software which uses internet 3G/4G/WiFi to make voice calls. Using this mobile VoIP application, anyone can make low-cost calls to any destination. Also known as SIP dialer or mobile dialer software, a VoIP dialer is ideal for low-cost communication compared to costly GSM technology. As a VoIP service provider, you will need best mobile VoIP dialer for your business to enable your customers to establish flawless communication.

Why you should choose a quality VoIP Dialer for your business?

If you are an existing VoIP service provider or a new entrant, you should choose a quality mobile VoIP dialer for your business, so that you can establish your brand image.  You can take a VoIP dialer free demo and judge the call quality before deciding to purchase the same.

Better Call Quality

Your VoIP dialer should offer noise free communication with minimum delays. Although communication sometimes depends on the quality of routes, a lot depends upon the VoIP dialer.

Low Bandwidth Consumption

Bandwidth availability is often a concern in this business. So if you should choose a mobile dialer that works in low bandwidth areas otherwise you will receive frequent customer complains.

All Network Compatibility

If your VoIP dialer works on all network with a single operator code, it will provide ease to your customers.

Multi Softswitch Compatibility

While you choose your dialer provider, you should ensure that it is compatible with different types of Softswitch such as VoIP Switch, iTel, etc.  If you purchase a dialer which does not go with your existing infrastructure then you will need to invest in taking an additional Softswitch.

What customization features you should consider while choosing a mobile VoIP dialer?

Well, it is utterly important that you customize your mobile VoIP dialer in a proper way in order to make it user-friendly. Customization process of your VoIP dialer is crucial when it comes to marketing your own brand. So go for a branded mobile dialer with customization. Here are some customization features you should have in your VoIP Dialer:

  • Easy to operate interface.
  • Your own brand name and logo.
  • Social media integration.
  • Auto Sign up facility
  • Online payment gateways.
  • Balance transfer facility
  • Mobile Top Up feature

Advantage of Taking VoIP Dialer Free Demo

Taking VoIP dialer free demo provides a number of advantages to you as a VoIP Service provider:

  • You can take judge if it is compatible with your Softswitch
  • You can check the call quality
  • Taking a VoIP dailer free demo also allows you to check the product specifications, user friendliness etc.

TP Smart Mobile Dialer offers a free demo, which you can avail and check why it is the No.1 VoIP dialer.

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